Roommate Arrangement

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In search of: room to rent.

Must ignore the patheticness of a forty-year-old roommate.

Preferably dirt cheap as funds are tight (nonexistent).

There’s nothing sadder than moving back to my hometown newly divorced, homeless, and lost for what my next move is.

When my little brother’s best friend offers me a place to stay in exchange for menial duties, I swallow my pride and jump at the offer.

I need this.

I also need Beau to wear a shirt. And ditch the gray sweatpants. And not leave his door ajar when he’s in compromising positions …


In search of: roommate.

Must be non smoker and non douchebag.

Room payment to be made in meal planning, repairs, and dumb jokes.

Since my career took off, I barely have time to breathe, let alone keep my life in order. I’m naturally chaotic, make terrible decisions, and scare off potential dates with my “weirdness”.

So when Payne gets back into town and needs somewhere to stay, I offer him my spare room with one condition: while he’s staying with me, I need him to help me become date-able.

And while he does that, I can focus on my other plan: ignoring that Payne is the only man I’ve ever wanted to date.

1 review for Roommate Arrangement

  1. Claire Marsden

    Still coming down for the love I felt reading this book.
    I have read a fair few books (and listened to the audio) by Saxon James but this one really hit the feels for me.
    The story line was engaging, BOTH MC’s were relatable and lovable and even the side characters added depth to the book. Nothing was added that wasn’t needed, it all added to the story.
    It was very low angst – which sometimes I just need but the right amount of spice without being too hot and overly heavy.
    I now must go and get all the other books in this series as I cant wait to see what is next … I’m going to start with the prequal.
    Just a quick mention about the audio by Nick J Russo – I have enjoyed his other works and this is no exception – he only adds to the love I feel for this book and think this is going to be added on to my list of comfort books. Enjoy

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