The Husband Hoax: Illustrated Edition


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These illustrated versions are exclusive to my website and in-person events and cannot be purchased elsewhere. They have exclusive interior formatting as well as gorgeous inside-cover character art.


Being invited to my cousin’s wedding really shouldn’t be a big deal except, oh yeah, I haven’t seen my family for a decade.
My parents turned their backs on me and I’ve done everything since to become successful and show them what they lost. Only, it’s kinda hard to be a success when you’re a walking trainwreck.
So I’m going to fake it. Hire a guy with an online presence so impressive they’ll be desperate to welcome me back into the elitist fold, and roll into the wedding with the kind of confidence I’ve never felt a day in my life.
The plan’s a knockout.
Until my fake date cancels minutes before the ceremony.


One letter from my dearly departed grandfather, and suddenly I’m on a husband hunt.
He’s reworked his entire will so I’m set to inherit far more than I’m entitled to, and all because he’s asked me to use that money for “good.”
In order to get that inheritance, though, there’s one stipulation: marriage.
Even with his request, I’m tempted to stick to my original plan of getting as far from my wretched family as possible, and letting them fight it out.
But then I run into a tall drink of scattered mess outside of a wedding who’s in desperate need of a date, and the pieces click into place.
I help him, he helps me.
Marriage, money, then go our separate ways.
Now all I have to do is stop myself from actually falling for the guy.

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